EBC Startup Battle Recap: Sustainability, Social Impact & ReFi

Hamburg, 22 November 2023 - European Blockchain Convention took place on 25th and 26th of October in Barcelona, Spain. one of the exciting events of the conference was the startup battle. It witnessed a remarkable turnout, with hundreds of innovative startups vying for recognition, eventually narrowing down to a compelling showdown in the finals, featuring the top 50 contenders. 10 startups were chosen for 5 sessions:

In this article, we are excited to introduce the 10 exceptional startups selected for the fourth session, which had a primary focus on Sustainability, Social Impact and ReFi.

coinIX was a jury member for Session 1, Session 4 and the finals of the event, with Mahsa Doorfard, our Sales and Marketing Manager, serving as our representative. Other judges of the first session were:


Pitched by Fernando Dávila Ponce de León Gámez, Co-founder & CEO of Crowmie. Crowmie is a Green-Fintech that is focused on impact investing. It provides accessibility and liquidity to investments in renewable energyassets. Using Crowmie, you can invest in impactful projects just as you can through closed-end funds or traditional crowdfunding, but with the flexibility of an ETF. By employing blockchain technology, Crowmie enables anyone to invest from 100€ in tokenised photovoltaic projects on a platform that allows you to liquidate investments again with just a few clicks.


Pitched by Vincent Katchavenda, Co-founder & COO at erable° . With Erable platform, you can Invest in sustainable activities that have a tangible, positive impact on our world. you will obtain real-world assets and a share in their revenues. This revenue-sharing approach creates a win-win scenario where returns are closely tied to project revenue & impact generation, aligning investor interests with positive societal impact. Simultaneously, this model helps projects secure vital funding for their assets while building a supportive community of ambassadors.


Pitched by Joan de Ramón Brunet, Head of growth at EthicHub. EthicHub is a ReFi (Regenerative Finance) protocol, helping unbanked farmers access capital at low interest rates in a win/win model where all stakeholders benefit from interacting. EthicHub’s innovative crowd-collateral secures the platform’s loans, creating a de-risking system to reduce the perception of risk when investing in smallholder farmers in emerging economies. EthicHub’s community buy the $Ethix tokens and stake them on behalf of unbanked farmers, enabling a trustful environment for impact investing, because in case of a loan default the Compensation System is able to pay back the lenders not only their principal but also the interest.


Pitched by Raoul Ullens, Co-founder & CTO at Gratiago. Gratiago is a tool to help patient-consumers become patient-actors of their health. It consists of a smartphone app designed to provide e-coaching at the moment of medicine intake to help anxious patient build up or restore trust and serenity over his treatment. Gratiago rewards treatment compliance as a new form of eco-responsible behaviour to optimize the usage of treatments and reduce medicine waste.


Pitched by Hélène Quintin, Co-founder & CEO of KERU. Their mission is to bring new audiences to cultural and tourist sites, elevating the visitor experience. By creating immersive digital artworks with unique integrated benefits, they’re revolutionizing how visitors engage. Using their platform you can discover historical and natural sites. Moreover, you can get a digital souvenir and share it in an augmented reality platform.


Pitched by Pere Pérez Ninou, Founder & CEO of Metacampus. Metacampus is a global collective of technology-minded experts with a focus on social innovation, united to empower people to succeed in the virtual economy and make the exponential world more accessible and inclusive.


Pitched by Nura (Ngurah) Linggih, Co-founder of PLENO . PLENO is building the technology that automates the end-to-end creation process of carbon credits and make it faster, cheaper, and more credible. You can measure, report and verify your carbon projects using their platform. Their mission is to digitise the carbon market, harnessing the power of machine learning and blockchain technologies to streamline the process of carbon credit creation.


Pitched by Robin Champseix, Co-founder of Billy. Billy is a ticketing platform in which you can create animated collectible tickets for your community. Billy’s NFT tickets can unlock many doors with Web3 open ecosystem

Solid World

Pitched by Stenver Jerkku, Founder & CEO of Solid World. Solid World is a commodities trading platform that makes carbon credit financing liquid and transparent. It enables companies to invest in science-based carbon credits. Their approach to risk assessment, project analysis, contracts, and liquid markets with transparent prices and traceable trading offers transparency from end-to-end.


Pitched by Borja Moreno Candau,CEO of ZeemGO. ZeemGo is focused on zero-emission mobility. It helps you to find fast car charging points throughout Europe. using the App, you can Interact with other members, give your opinion and consult user reviews. The users will earn ZeemCoins and can redeem them in the ZeemGo shop for products, services and discounts related to mobility and sustainability

Startup Battle Session 1 Finals

All the startups delivered outstanding pitches, showcasing their intriguing ideas and compelling projects in the fields of Sustainability, Social Impact and ReFi. In Session 4 of the Startup Battles, EthicHub emerged victorious, earning the highest scores from the panel of judges. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the startups that participated in this fierce competition.

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