How about Web 3.0 Uber?

Portfolio Update: bloXmove & peaq’s Partnership

How about Web 3.0 Uber? bloXmove & peaq’s Partnership


Hamburg, July 13th, 2023 - A few months ago, 2 of the projects in our investment portfolio started their partnership. bloXmove and peaq have started collaboratig to provide a new decentralized mobility and we can not be more proud! The result of this collaboration would be web3 Uber and so much more!


peaq is revolutionizing decentralized applications for vehicles, robots, and devices, enabling users to govern and earn. Their ultimate aim is to transform the Web2-based Internet of Things (IoT) into the Web3-based Economy of Things. By creating a machine economy, Peaq empowers individuals to extract maximum value and opportunity from machines while minimizing risks and waste. Underpinning Peaq's innovative platform is Polkadot, providing critical security and interoperability.

Till Wendler the co-founder of peaq says: ‘Web3 offers a better alternative to the traditional centralized architecture that mobility as a service apps rely on. By bringing together bloXmove’s expertise in the mobility space and peaq’s vast machine-focused toolset, we are creating a foundation for a new paradigm for the industry — and putting it on a pathway to a healthier and more sustainable business formula. This initiative perfectly complements the projects already underway in the ecosystem and opens an array of exciting new opportunities.


bloXmove, a pioneering developer specializing in power and mobility industries, is actively involved in the creation of a revolutionary shared mobility blockchain platform. One of their remarkable innovations is the NFTicket, which injects new energy into the NFT market. By seamlessly integrating standardized NFT technology with robust verification mechanisms such as Verifiable Credentials (VC) and Digital Identities (DID), bloXmove presents a user-friendly API-based solution that digitizes and decentralizes ticketing and certification processes. The platform facilitates secure and expedited transactions among businesses, vehicles, and individual customers. What sets bloXmove apart is its commitment to environmentally friendly practices, aiming for carbon neutrality through the utilization of green-proofed blockchain technology.

“Blockchain and other Web3 technologies put the mobility service ecosystems on a fairer footing,” says Sophia Rödiger, CEO at bloXmove. “Together with peaq, we are shifting the undisputed control from the hands of Big Tech intermediaries and giving the ownership and profit back to the drivers and users. The power and mobility network is very machine-oriented, relying on assets like cars, two-wheelers, charging and battery-swapping stations, and runs on multitudes of microtransactions. peaq offers a vast toolset for machine-focused decentralized applications, and we are looking forward to leveraging its full potential. peaq’s strategic orientation perfectly contributes to bloXmove’s focus on mobility in emerging markets like Africa or Latin America.”

peaq & bloXmove

In an exciting development, bloXmove has joined forces with the peaq ecosystem as a layer-2 blockchain technology for mobility. This collaboration will introduce the NFTicket protocol to the peaq community, amplifying the possibilities for innovation. The decentralized application, initially launching as a scalable proof-of-concept with the vision of evolving into a production-grade version, prioritizes user privacy by granting ownership over data. Leveraging bloXmove's NFTicket protocol and layer-2 kit, the dApp will unlock new tools for other teams building on peaq while benefiting from the extensive experience of building a ride-hailing dApp in Nigeria.

The project also integrates peaq's Machine DeFi and borderless machine subsidy mechanisms to empower communities in emerging markets. Utilizing smart contracts on a public blockchain ensures transparency, allowing all stakeholders to gain insight into the system's inner workings, including fair pricing mechanisms. Additionally, the dApp eliminates middleman fees, enabling drivers to increase their earnings while offering customers lower charges.

coinIX has made strategic investments in these noteworthy companies. These investments were driven by several factors that highlight the potential for significant growth and innovation within the blockchain industry. bloxMove has demonstrated remarkable advancements in revolutionizing transportation systems through decentralized technology. With its visionary approach and promising solutions, Bloxmove aligns perfectly with coinIX's investment philosophy of supporting disruptive projects with the potential to reshape industries.

Similarly, peaq has proven its expertise in creating scalable and secure blockchain ecosystems. Recognizing peaq’s ability to address critical challenges in the blockchain space, coinIX seized the opportunity to invest in this forward-thinking company. By supporting both bloxmove and peaq, coinIX aims to foster innovation, drive blockchain adoption, and position itself at the forefront of the transformative blockchain revolution.

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