EBC Startup Battle Recap: Blockchain Infrastructure

Hamburg, 21 November 2023 - European Blockchain Convention took place on 25th and 26th of October in Barcelona, Spain. one of the exciting events of the conference was the startup battle. It witnessed a remarkable turnout, with hundreds of innovative startups vying for recognition, eventually narrowing down to a compelling showdown in the finals, featuring the top 50 contenders. 10 startups were chosen for 5 sessions:

  • Session 1: Security, blockchain infrastructure and tokenization
  • Session 2: Gaming, Marketing and community
  • Session 3: Identity, NFTs and DeFi
  • Session 4: Sustainability, Social Impact and DeFi
  • Session 5: Cryptos, tokenized assets and DeFi

In this article, we are excited to introduce the 10 exceptional startups selected for the first session, which had a primary focus on blockchain infrastructure.

coinIX was a jury member for Session 1, Session 4 and the finals of the event, with Mahsa Doorfard, our Sales and Marketing Manager, serving as our representative. Other judges of the first session were:

AuditOne GmbH

Pitched by David Velek, Co-Founder of AuditOne GmbH. AuditOne offers a solution for reliable audits and security services at scale, with a focus on simplifying the smart contract audit process. They match clients with a pool of experienced auditors, including individuals from top-ranking bug bounty platforms and audit firms, customized to meet specific needs. By streamlining operations and handling the audit report drafting process, AuditOne aims to enhance security in an era marked by increasing cybersecurity threats, particularly in the context of blockchain protocols, which are often vulnerable to hacking attempts.


Pitched by Sarel Dika, Co-Founder and CEO of Crowdgenix. Crowdgenix is dedicated to constructing a cutting-edge, Zero-Knowledge (ZK)-powered institutional Tokenisation Engine, Launchpad, and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) tailored for tokenized real-world assets. It assists blockchain-based projects in launching digital assets with the promise of finding suitable investments. Starting from June 2023, they are set to facilitate connections between project creators and potential investors. The core mission of Crowdgenix is to bridge the divide between decentralized and traditional finance, with the ultimate aim of unlocking trillions of euros in capital. Their non-custodial smart contracts embedded in the platform play a pivotal role, facilitating the release of funds and tokens based on predefined milestones and vesting schedules, thereby enhancing security and mitigating the risks of fraud.

SendCrypto l sendc.eth

SendCrypto is the gateway to seamless cryptocurrency transactions and an ideal platform for crypto enthusiasts. By linking Web3 wallets, it simplifies the process of paying and connecting with friends. Moreover, SendCrypto allows users to include personalized payment notes to express their individuality with every transaction. With millions of crypto users already on board, it’s a hub for shopping, sharing, and growing crypto businesses, making cryptocurrency transactions more accessible.


Bolide offers earning yields with the potential to earn up to 13% passive APY. It employs innovative yield farming strategies that harness the power of lending and farming protocols. The BLID token, the platform’s native revenue-sharing and governance token, offers users a stake in the project’s success. BOLIDE embraces deflation with monthly burning, enhancing its scarcity, and ensures a sustainable growth trajectory through regular buybacks, contributing to potential price appreciation.


Pitched by Oliver Padmaperuma, Research brain at Blockbrain. BlockBrain defend digital assets against threats both on and off the blockchain. With services like wallet risk assessment, smart contract audits, and the adept detection of dangerous approvals, BlockBrain ensures the security of the user’s holdings. It provides real-time notifications about unusual activities on crypto exchanges, along with a transaction scanner and exchange monitor for added protection. The platform also empowers users to track their wallets, optimize portfolios, and gain accurate insights into their crypto investments, making BlockBrain an indispensable tool for the prudent crypto investor.

Chronicle Labs | Protocol

Pitched by Niklas Kunkel, Founder of the Chronicle Protocol. Chronicle Protocol is an oracles which focuses on cost-efficiency and data verifiability. Chronicle introduces an Oracle cryptographic primitive known as Scribe. This innovation reduces Oracle gas fees by more than 60% on Layer 1 and over 68% on Layer 2, making updates more affordable. Verifiability is a core tenet of Chronicle’s mission, offering a seamless, provable end-to-end data tracking system, establishing a high-integrity, censorship-resistant layer for data transmission. Chronicle Oracles are adaptable, working across various blockchains, both public and enterprise, and allow users to easily manage subscriptions.


Pitched by Rune Bentien, CEO of Kuutamo. As an operator of a native hybrid cloud platform, Kuutamo provides deployment, operation and monitoring of nodes in full transparency. The company specializes in offering enterprise-grade packaged services that provide all the configuration, and updates for running self-hosted nodes, enabling businesses to deliver secure services, and control and utilize their data.

MC² Finance

MC2 Finance introduces a crypto asset management platform, providing users with access to decentralized portfolio strategies, spanning various blockchains. With their non-custodial crypto portfolios, users can manage their assets and follow expert strategies automatically. MC2 Finance users can explore a diverse marketplace of cross-chain portfolio strategies, from DeFi yield farming to niche-specific portfolios, all with the added security of third-party automated auditing for transparency and trust.


Picthed by Demetrios Skalkotos, Co-Founder and CEO of expand.network. Expand Network provides a single API that connects users to the full spectrum of DeFi capabilities across both EVM and non-EVM platforms. Expand Network prioritizes security, ensuring that users can interact with DeFi without exposing their secret keys. By engaging directly with smart contracts, Expand Network promotes transparency and efficiency in blockchain interactions, fostering a decentralized ecosystem. Furthermore, their APIs offer essential data for analytics and monitoring, empowering network administrators and developers to monitor performance and make timely improvements.


Pitched by Lucas Martin Calderon, Founder and CEO of Pentestify. Pentestify offers cybersecurity consulting and tooling for both web2 and web3, ensuring the robust defense of organizations. They specialize in automated smart contract vulnerability detection, managed vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Actively engaged in the security community, Pentestify contributes to major open-source security projects and delivers insightful keynotes on industry advancements.

Startup Battle Session 1 Finals

All the startups delivered outstanding pitches, showcasing their intriguing ideas and compelling projects. In Session 1 of the Startup Battles, Chronicle Protocol emerged victorious, earning the highest scores from the panel of judges. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the startups that participated in this fierce competition.

About coinIX

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