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Portfolio Update: Natix & peaq partnership

Hamburg, 18. August 2023 -  two of the projects in our investment portfolio have recently started a partnership: NATIX and peaq. NATIX Network and peaq have formed a strategic partnership to advance the decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN).

NATIX team at the DePIN event, co- sponsored by coinIX


Natix’s edge computing framework transforms a network of cameras to an intelligent swarm that can analyse data and trigger actions. The world is filled with IOT devices which transmit huge amount of data but today this data is analysed in cloud based solutions which are centralized and inherently raise privacy concerns.

NATIX has developed a patent-pending AI technology which is the easiest way to make any camera smart and 100% privacy compliant. The patent makes it impossible to collect personal info like faces or number plates. NATIX Network is combining this AI technology with 45 billion existing cameras to create the largest crowd-sourced camera network ever. Almost any camera, anywhere can run the AI software, collect metadata and create a Dynamic Map (i.e. a Web3 version of Waze). The camera’s owners earn crypto in return as the real-time data is monetized to support real-time applications.

NATIX Drive&Earn Mobile App which was launched in Nov 2022, has targeted 1.5 billion active smartphones worldwide. The app enables passive earning by placing phones on a car dashboard, bike handle, or elsewhere. For convenience, the app will provide navigation and dash cam services to the users.


peaq is revolutionizing decentralized applications for vehicles, robots, and devices, enabling users to govern and earn. Their aim is to transform the Web2-based Internet of Things (IOT) into the Web3-based Economy of Things. By creating a machine economy, Peaq empowers individuals to extract maximum value and opportunity from machines while minimizing risks and waste. Underpinning Peaq’s innovative platform is Polkadot, providing critical security and interoperability.

peaq team at the DePIN event, co-sponsored by coinIX

Natix & peaq

This collaboration allows NATIX to integrate their Drive& app and AI-powered decentralized sensor network into the peaq ecosystem, expanding its capabilities. By leveraging peaq’s suite of tools designed for decentralized physical infrastructure networks, NATIX can assign Self-Sovereign peaq IDs to each sensor within its DePIN.

This partnership opens up exciting possibilities in the ever-evolving fields of IoT and Web3 technology. peaq fuels the Economy of Things (EoT) on Polkadot, known for its environmental friendliness. Through its robust platform, peaq empowers entrepreneurs and developers to build innovative decentralized applications and tailored DePINs for various devices, vehicles, and robots. Users can exercise governance and earn profits as connected machines deliver goods and services within the ecosystem.

The integration between NATIX and peaq will unfold in two stages. The first stage involves developing a proof-of-concept project on peaq, testing the use of self-sovereign peaq IDs within NATIX’s recently launched Drive& app. Upon successful completion of the initial stage, the second stage will see Drive& fully integrating with peaq, enabling users to earn additional rewards through its machine rewards mechanism. The Drive& DePIN will join the peaq ecosystem, starting with a launch on Krest, peaq’s sister network on Kusama.

Leonard Dorlöchter, co-founder of peaq says: ‘DePINs can naturally scale faster than legacy infrastructure providers, and using this model for consumer devices like smartphones amplifies this scalability even more. We’re excited to see NATIX spearhead this model for the first sensor DePIN on peaq, and its masterful use of AI for ensuring user privacy is a great example of putting this amazing technology to work for a good cause.”

Moritz Schildt, co-founder of coinIX & Leonard Dorlöchter, co-founder of peaq

coinIX, Natix & peaq

Phase one of testing the Drive& app of Natix is completed and it has been launched at the end of June. The number of the registered users (8.8k) and objects detected (11.6M) by their app affirmed the soundness of our investment decision. coinIX recognized the potential for long-term growth and profitability in NATIX, making it an ideal fit for our portfolio diversification strategy.

Similarly, peaq has proven its expertise in creating scalable and secure blockchain ecosystems. Recognizing peaq’s ability to address critical challenges in the blockchain space, CoinIX seized the opportunity to invest in this forward-thinking company. By supporting both NATIX and peaq, coinIX aims to foster innovation, drive blockchain adoption, and position itself at the forefront of the transformative blockchain revolution. We’re looking forward to seeing more strategic partnerships among our portfolio projects.

About coinIX

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For this purpose, coinIX invests in equity of startups, early token projects and liquid cryptocurrencies. It offers a listed share that is traded on the open market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange.

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