CoinIX releases preliminary financial results for the fiscal year 2021

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CoinIX Marks Successful Fiscal Year: Preliminary Net Income Reaches EUR 1.7 Million, Portfolio Surges to EUR 22.3 Million, Investments Nearly Doubled.

Hamburg, January 18, 2022 / 10:32 am - coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA, a venture capital firm specializing in digital assets and blockchain technology investments, celebrates its most triumphant business year yet. Based on preliminary figures, the company achieved a net income (as per HGB) of EUR 1.7 million in 2021 (compared to EUR 0.7 million in the previous year). Simultaneously, the value of its investment portfolio skyrocketed by over 250% or EUR 14.0 million, soaring from EUR 6.3 million to EUR 22.3 million since the year's onset. Moreover, the fiscal year 2021 saw the number of investments swell to over 40. As part of an accord, CoinIX and its liable partner have agreed to only consider the portion of the GRT token position in determining the variable management fee, which is no longer bound by lock-up obligations and can thus be freely managed. The variable management fee derived from this agreement has already been factored into the preliminary annual results.

Additional Information The preliminary financial indicators mentioned in this press release concerning the 2021 fiscal statements are based on currently available, yet unaudited figures for the fiscal year 2021 and should not be regarded as binding. These figures may potentially undergo changes during the ongoing audit process due to adjustments by auditors. Forward-looking statements are subject to regular risks and uncertainties. Hence, future expected results may significantly deviate from current assumptions due to various risk factors and uncertainties, including alterations in business, economic, and competitive landscapes, exchange rate fluctuations, uncertainties regarding legal disputes or investigative proceedings, and the availability of financial resources. CoinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA assumes no obligation to update the forward-looking statements in this communication. This communication does not constitute an invitation or recommendation to buy or sell CoinIX shares. We compute the net asset value per share at regular intervals by valuing assets listed on an exchange or trading venue of the company at their respective market or stock exchange prices, while valuing all other assets at acquisition costs (possibly reduced by depreciations). Pro rata ongoing costs of the company, particularly the liability and management fees payable by the company to its liable partner, as stipulated in the company's articles of association, are NOT deducted or amortized over time. The gross asset value of our company thus determined is divided by the number of issued limited partnership shares. Hence, the net asset value should not be the sole criterion for investment decisions regarding the acquisition or sale of limited partnership shares of CoinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA. Developments in the net asset value of the share do not provide a suitable basis for forecasting future price trends.

About coinIX

coinIX GmbH & Co KGaA, based in Hamburg, is a listed #Investmentcompany and has been investing in the broad spectrum of blockchain innovation since 2017. This includes the next level of digitalization in traditional industries, as well as new fields such as Decentralized #Finance(#DeFi). For this purpose, #coinIX invests in #equity of startups, early #tokenprojects and liquid #cryptocurrencies. It offers a listed share that is traded on the open market of the Düsseldorf #Stock#Exchange (WKN: A2LQ1G | ISIN: DE000A2LQ1G5 | Ticker: XCX).