Börsenradio’s Interview with Moritz Schildt

Invest in tokenized fund shares today.

Hamburg, 13 June 2024 - Andreas Groß from Börsenradio conducted an interview with Moritz Schildt, the CEO of coinIX. "It's like experiencing the invention of the car and immediately investing in highways," describes CEO Moritz Schildt the new investment product from coinIX: the CoinInvest SCI1 fund, which exclusively includes crypto assets. This allows investors to directly participate in the crypto digital asset market. By issuing investment shares as crypto shares, coinIX has created an innovative way to offer electronic securities. "It's a groundbreaking pilot project; we are the first to offer this path of tokenized fund shares." This enables quick transfers between wallets without delays. Another significant advantage is that interest income can be generated through Ethereum staking. The fund is prospectively focused on the 35 most important crypto assets. By the way, the dinosaur Bitcoin is not included. "For three reasons: ..."

The original interview has been done in German. Listen to the interview here:



About coinIX Capital GmbH

Since 2017, coinIX Capital GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, has been at the forefront of analyzing blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies, facilitating investments in this dynamic sector. Comprising specialists with extensive experience in asset management, venture capital, and cutting-edge technology analysis, the coinIX team manages a portfolio boasting over 20 investments in blockchain startups alongside crypto assets. Shares of coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA are listed on the free market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange and are also traded on the Berlin and Munich stock exchanges.


Launched in June 2022, coinIX COINVEST SCI1 is an open domestic special AIF under the KAGB. As a sub-portfolio of coinIX COINVEST Investment Stock Corporation with variable capital, its assets are managed by coinIX Capital GmbH, acting as a registered capital management company. Available for subscription by professional or semi-professional investors, the fund has the flexibility to invest up to 100% of its capital in crypto assets, aiming for a diversified portfolio of digital assets actively managed through ongoing selection processes. Additional income streams are generated through staking and other blockchain-native mechanisms. With the ISIN DE000A408Q55, subscriptions to the fund are only available directly through the investment company, with private investor acquisition prohibited.