Blockchain investor coinIX invests in tokenforge

A technology provider that offers a software toolkit for asset tokenization

Hamburg, June 1st, 2023 - The Hamburg based investment company coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA, which specializes in investments in digital assets and blockchain technology, invests in tokenforge.

tokenforge is a Berlin-based technology provider that offers its customers a software toolkit for asset tokenization, that offers the possibility to tokenize assets compliant with the law, fully digital and with no code.

As distributed ledger technology advances, digital assets are creating a new era of opportunity for financial institutions, multinational corporations, and startups alike. To keep pace, companies of all sizes and industries benefit from understanding Blockchain applications and learning how to integrate them into existing and future business models. tokenforge’s consulting services cover the entire scope of a blockchain project from strategy development to implementation. 

tokenforge is one of the founding members of The Federal Association of Crypto Securities Registrars and its leading regulatory framework eWpG is paving the path for Germany to become a good go-to location for security tokens.

Their team participates in several industry working groups. These include regulatory, standardization, and financial. By working at the forefront of blockchain adoption and integration, they stay abreast of specific regulatory developments while developing a broad perspective on what meaningful progress looks like for businesses, institutions, the economy, and society.

tokenforge services come with many benefits; such as faster access to capital for issuers, automated investment & management processes, reduced costs and complexity of issuing & trading assets, complete tracking of all transactions.

They have launched their own Blockchain testnet. Thanks to Avalanche Subnets, tokenforge now operates two robust TFOS (tokenforge Operating System) testnets, serving as an innovative playground for faster and more isolated development of Smart Contracts and On-Chain Decentralized applications as well as minting tokens such as NFTs, or ReFi components. Moreover, tokenforge is managing roughly four digit amounts of Wallets for their customers.


Moritz Stumpf, Co-Founder of tokenforge: “We aim to support the real economy by introducing new tools like tokenization and transitioning real assets into the digital world.”

Karl Gero Wendeborn, CEO of coinIX: "We believe that tokenization will revolutionize the future financial markets and we are glad to be one of the early investors in this sector."

Press contact: Karl Gero Wendeborn, CEO,, +4940401155511

Investor Relations: Felix Krekel, CFO,, +4940401155512


About coinIX

coinIX GmbH & Co KGaA, based in Hamburg, is a listed investment company and has been investing in the broad spectrum of blockchain innovation since 2017. This includes the next level of digitalization in traditional industries, as well as new fields such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or NFT/Metaverse projects. For this purpose, coinIX invests in equity of startups, early token projects and liquid cryptocurrencies. It offers a listed share that is traded on the open market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange (WKN: A2LQ1G | ISIN: DE000A2LQ1G5 | Ticker: XCX).