Blockchain Investor coinIX contributes to Nexus Network

Revolutionizing the economic backbone of blockchain rollups

Hamburg, 12 June 2024 - The Hamburg based investment company coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA, which specializes in investments in digital assets and blockchain technology, has contributed to Nexus Network.

Nexus Network is revolutionizing the economic backbone of blockchain rollups, enhancing efficiency and security in the process. With rollups streamlining transactions into a single block before reaching the mainchain, Nexus Network steps in to unlock the potential of idle assets on Rollup bridge contracts on Ethereum; currently valued at $15 billion and projected to soar to $150 billion within three years.

What sets Nexus Network apart is its dedication to providing a robust and secure infrastructure for customers to capitalize on these assets while mitigating risks. By offering end-to-end validator services, Nexus Network ensures the safety of transactions without compromising on decentralization. Its non-custodial nature guarantees that customers retain full control over their assets, bolstering security measures.

Integration with Nexus Network is seamless, thanks to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive insurance mechanisms, instilling confidence in customers as they navigate the platform. Moreover, Nexus Network introduces personalized staking limits, empowering customers to tailor their investment strategies to their preferences and risk tolerance.

Through Nexus Network, rollup builders gain access to a plethora of opportunities, from staking Ethereum to earning yields with stablecoins and re-staking it on Eigenlayer. This versatile platform paves the way for a dynamic and rewarding blockchain experience, driving innovation and prosperity in the digital ecosystem.

Integrating with Nexus Network unlocks a sustainable revenue stream for rollups, empowering them to allocate resources towards vital initiatives such as subsidising transaction fees, Public goods funding, and Ecosystem incentives. Running a rollup entails significant expenses, encompassing sequencer costs, node maintenance, and more. By collaborating with Nexus Network, rollups can generate ample returns to offset these infrastructure expenditures, effectively rendering the rollup operation cost-free. Such accessibility encourages experimentation and fosters a vibrant developer community, fueling innovation and growth.

Nexus Network team has a straightforward value proposition and the team is very experienced in the staking ecosystem and they don’t have any competition so far. Nexus Network will be launching their testnet rollup with end to end integration of their tech stack next week. Stay tuned for more exciting news. Check out their fundraise announcement tweet.

Mayank Raj, the Co-founder and CEO of Nexus Network: “Nexus Network is bringing secure yields for idle bridge assets, both on rollups and EVM chains. $15 Bn+ worth of assets (poised to become $150 Bn in 3 years) are lying idle on Rollup bridge contracts on Ethereum. Nexus Network helps rollups implement a secure, non-custodial yield mechanics which increases the capital efficiency for rollups. ”

coinIX & Nexus Network

Most of coinIX investments are either based on ethereum or are offering scalability solutions of Ethereum. Moritz Schildt, the Co-founder and CEO of coinIX:”Nexus Network’s primary focus lies within the realm of blockchain infrastructure; a pivotal sector that aligns seamlessly with coinIX’s core investment strategies. This investment Fits very well in our Ethereum and rollup centric thesis and would help further to increase the security level of Ethereum as an infrastructure project.”

About coinIX Capital GmbH

Since 2017, coinIX Capital GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, has been at the forefront of analyzing blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies, facilitating investments in this dynamic sector. Comprising specialists with extensive experience in asset management, venture capital, and cutting-edge technology analysis, the coinIX team manages a portfolio boasting over 20 investments in blockchain startups alongside crypto assets. Shares of coinIX GmbH & Co. KGaA are listed on the free market of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange and are also traded on the Berlin and Munich stock exchanges.


Launched in June 2022, coinIX COINVEST SCI1 is an open domestic special AIF under the KAGB. As a sub-portfolio of coinIX COINVEST Investment Stock Corporation with variable capital, its assets are managed by coinIX Capital GmbH, acting as a registered capital management company. Available for subscription by professional or semi-professional investors, the fund has the flexibility to invest up to 100% of its capital in crypto assets, aiming for a diversified portfolio of digital assets actively managed through ongoing selection processes. Additional income streams are generated through staking and other blockchain-native mechanisms. With the ISIN DE000A408Q55, subscriptions to the fund are only available directly through the investment company, with private investor acquisition prohibited.